the parabat in need fund

The Parabat In Need Fund


a. The purpose of this fund is to raise money to be used for the benefit of Parabats who experiences a severe and imminent emergency that requires funds to help them survive the crisis.


a. The Parabat In Need Fund (the fund) will be administered by the undermentioned four
(4) trustees:”

“i. Mike Bolhuis (Ex Parabat) 082 447 6116

ii. WJ Liebenberg (Ex Parabat)
083 486 0215

iii. Wynand Fourie (Ex Parabat)
NFC Attorneys
Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public 083 388 9856

iv. Jessica Bergsman (Accountant) 084 225 8363

3. Claims For Assistance

a. Veteran and serving Parabats who are experiencing any severe and imminent crisis in their life are eligible for finacial assitance from the fund.

b. A request for funding must be submitted by an applicant, in writing via email to any one of the trustees mentioned above.

c. The application must comprehensively set out all the facts relating to the severe and imminent crisis, as well as incorporate all supporting evidence such as documents, photos, video recordings and audio recordings.

d. Without attempting to define a severe and imminent crisis, examples of claims that would be considered by the trustees are; life threatening illnesses and injuries, damage to property caused by a natural disaster or civil unrest, protection form injustice that threatens life and property, and the list goes on, but the important criteria is that the crisis must be severe and imminent.

4. Allocation of Funds

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a. The trustees shall handle and consider all applications for assistance from the fund.

b. The trustees shall examine all the information submitted, investigate the circumstances of the claim and then jointly in the trustees’ sole and unfettered discretion make a final decision as to:

i. The acceptance of the claim;
ii. The amount to be paid to the applicant;
iii. And the manner in which payment will be made.

c. Once the trustees have made a decision in suitable circumstances, the decision is final.

d. The final decision of the trustees shall then be published on the applicable social media groups.

e. In exceptional circumstances the final decision of the trustees may be kept confidential.”

5. Emergency

a. In the case of extreme emergencies and when all else fails any trustee can be contacted directly, but this procedure must not be abused with trivial issues.

6. Circulation

a. All Parabats are encourage to distribute this credo to all know national and international South African Parabat social media groups”

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