Forensic Investigations
Animal Cruelty Investigations

Polygraph Tests

Track & Tracing

We are qualified to undertake any type of investigation, specialising in serious violent and serious economic crimes.

Safety and Security Services:


– Forensic Investigations
– Drug Investigation and Rehabilitation
– Animal Cruelty Investigations
– Crimes Against Woman and Children
– Protection Services: Property Protection, Business Protection, Celebrity Protection
– Polygraph Tests
– Body Guards
– Cash in Transit
– Technical Services
– Divorce Cases
– Debt Collection
– Track & Tracing
– Any & all other safety & security requirements

Crime Prevention

Site Surveys:

– Surveys to determine internal and external threats.
– Analysis of the effectiveness of perimeter control – gates, fencing, etc.
– Analysis and installation of electronic devices – alarms, CCTV, etc.
– We make recommendations and advise with implementation.


– All guards are registered at the Security Board.

– Needs of clients are matched to the personnel being deployed.
– Monitoring can be done by means of a reaction unit.

Technical Services:

– The in-house team of technical experts and installers are at the forefront of all new technology.
– They are all registered at the Security Board and of impeccable character.
– All work is done quickly and efficiently.

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