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Please FIRST WhatsApp Mr. Bolhuis by sending a direct message with the following information below (use the green button below). After sending him the WhatsApp you can call him on:
082 447  6116

  • My Full Name/s and Surname:
  • My Contact Number/s:
  • My Adress:
  • My Email Adress:
  • In Which City Is The Case:
  • Short Description Of The Case:
  • Other Party’s Full Name/s, Surname/s, Physical Address and Email Address:

Asseblief EERSTENS WhatsApp Mnr. Mike Bolhuis deur ‘n boodskap te stuur met die volgende inligting (gebruik die groen knoppie onderaan). Nadat jy die WhatsApp gestuur het kan jy hom kontak op:
082 447  6116

  • My Volle Name en Van:
  • My Kontak Nommer/s:
  • My Adres:
  • My Epos Adres:
  • In Watse Stad Is Die Saak:
  • Kort Verduideliking Van Die Saak:
  • Ander Party/e Se Volle Name, Van, Kontak Nommer/s, Fisiese Adres en Epos Adres:

Our biggest enemy is disinformation. If you receive any information regarding my organisation that concerns you, please contact me, Mike Bolhuis, directly to confirm whether the information is indeed factual or not.


Upon appointment we require a formal mandate with detailed instructions. Please take note that should you not make use of our services – you may not under any circumstance use my name or the name of my organisation as a means to achieve whatever end.

Any information shared with me or my organisation regarding any of our cases or projects is treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. 

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