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Mike Bolhuis

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Investigation & Crime Prevention

– Mike Bolhuis is the sole proprietor of Specialised Security Services with over 35 years of experience.
– He works in support of and together with the SAPS, as well as all other safety & security authorities.
– Passionate about the fight against crime, particularly against women, children and animals.
– Known for his efforts in curbing gang violence and drug related crimes.
– His Christian principles guide his life and business choices.
– His organization has come to be known as an “end of the line” organization.
– Where other authorities and persons could not help they have been successful with investigations and rehabilitation.ย 


Our Services

We specialise in the following;

– Cybercrime
– Fraud
– Serious Violent Crimes
– Serious Economic Crimes
– Rehabilitation
– Private investigation of civil and criminal cases
– Debt collection
– Police support
– Private protection and bodyguard services
– Private security and guarding services
– Cyber protection and data security
– Debugging and sweeping
– Surveillance
– Polygraphing
– Analysis of questionable documents


All potential clients need to be aware that owing to the nature of our work as specialist investigators there are people who have been caught on the wrong side of the law – who are trying to discredit me – Mike Bolhuis and my organisation Specialised Security Services -to get themselves off the hook.
This retaliation happens on social media and creates doubt around our integrity and ability. Doubt created on social media platforms is both unwarranted and untrue.
We strongly recommend that you make up your minds concerning me and our organisation only after considering all the factual information – to the exclusion of hearsay and assumptions. Furthermore, you are welcome to address your concerns directly to me should you still be unsatisfied with your conclusions.
While the internet provides a lot of valuable information, it is also a platform that distributes a lot of false information. The distribution of false information, fake news, slander and hate speech constitutes a crime that can be prosecuted by law. Your own research discretion and discernment are imperative when choosing what and what not to believe.
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